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5. FAQ

5.1. GPM doesn't work with Js2mouse in IMPS2 protocol, why ?

GPM does a "ioctl call" when using IMPS2 protocol, but only kernel can handle this call...

5.2. How to use js2mouse with DirectFB ?

Js2mouse doesn't work with DirectFB, but you can use j2mdev.

5.3. X takes 3 seconds to start when I use Js2mouse...

X needs to initialize the driver, but Js2mouse can't handle this kind of initialization. This doesn't appear with the kernel version (j2mdev).

5.4. I use the "gamecon" driver and the system seems to slow down, why ?

This driver scan the parallel port too fast... In /usr/src/linux/drivers/char/joystick/gamecon.c replace :

#define GC_REFRESH_TIME HZ/100



Then rebuild the module or kernel. It works fine with my PSX gamepad. This problem doesn't appear with Linux 2.6.

5.5. I want to use j2mdev with a linux version that doesn't seem to be supported, how to do ?

All linux-2.6.XX kernel should be supported, do :

cp j2mdev-linux-2.6.1.patch /_WHERE_ARE_LINUX_SOURCES_/linux-2.6.XX
patch -p1 < j2mdev-linux-2.6.1.patch
make menuconfig
# say Y or M to [Device Driver]->[Input Device Support]->[Joystick->mouse converter interface]
# recompile the kernel or modules

5.6. Can you provide a pre-compiled j2mdev kernel module ?

No :) ! But I can help you to compile yours !