Logiciels Libres et Systèmes Embarqués

6. Integrate Js2Mouse directly into Links and other programs

6.1. Integrate Js2mouse into Links-Hacked-030709

  1. download the Links-Hacked-030709 sources (Js2mouse is directly integrated in next version) : links-hacked-030709.tgz and links-fonts-new.tgz
  2. enter the following commands into a terminal :
    tar -xvzf js2mouse-YYMMDD.tar.gz
    cd js2mouse/contrib/links-hacked-030709
    cp links-hacked-030709-joyfb.diff /_WHERE_ARE_LINKS-HACKED_SOURCES_/
    patch -p0 > links-hacked-030709-joyfb.diff
    #compile Links-hacked-030709

6.2. Integrate Js2mouse into Links-2.1pre11 (ONLY WITH js2mouse-030919)

  1. download the Links-2.1pre11 sources (other versions are not tested) : links-2.1pre11.tar.gz
  2. unpack Links-2.1pre11 sources
  3. do ./configure --enable-graphics [OPTIONS]
  4. download the latest sources : http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/js2mouse/
  5. unpack Js2mouse sources into the root directory of Links-2.1pre11
  6. replace framebuffer.c with js2mouse/contrib/links-2.1pre11/framebuffer.c
  7. go into js2mouse/src and enter make -f Makefile.linksfb
  8. add js2mouse/src/*.o into Makefile of Links-2.1pre11, to the variable links_OBJECTS
  9. do make, make install

6.3. Integrate Js2mouse into other programs

  1. take a look at the previous source code integration.
  2. just do it ;)